Kelly McCoy PLC - Personal Law Counsel

Primary Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation (Trial, Appeal and Alternative Dispute Resolution)
    • Business
    • Real Estate
    • Mechanic’s and Materialmen’s Liens
    • Lis Pendens and other Real Estate Liens
  • Bankruptcy
    • Consumer and Business Debtors
    • Creditors’ Rights
  • Business Law, Corporations and Business Organizations
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Family Law

Kelly McCoy Street Sign

Photograph of an actual street sign located on U.S. Highway 180, north of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Courtesy of MiMiK Photography.

Kelly McCoy, PLC

Kelly McCoy, PLC is a Phoenix-based law firm that provides high quality, reasonably priced, and personalized representation to clients, primarily in the areas of sophisticated commercial litigation, both at the trial court and appellate court levels, and bankruptcy, including debtor, creditor and trustee representation—two areas of law that enjoy significant and complementary overlap. Although Phoenix is our hometown, Kelly McCoy represents its clients statewide—from Nogales to Page, the Colorado River to the White Mountains, and all points in between.

At Kelly McCoy, we know that the practice of law, as a service-based profession, is driven by and dependent upon personal relationships and reputation. That is why our goal is to support our clients through a legal system that can be uncertain, often complicated, and constantly changing. And we do so professionally, honestly and with integrity.

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