Kelly McCoy PLC - Personal Law Counsel

Primary Practice Areas

  • Commercial Litigation (Trial, Appeal and Alternative Dispute Resolution)
    • Business
    • Real Estate
    • Mechanic’s and Materialmen’s Liens
    • Lis Pendens and other Real Estate Liens
  • Bankruptcy
    • Consumer and Business Debtors
    • Creditors’ Rights
  • Business Law, Corporations and Business Organizations
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Labor and Employment
  • Family Law

About Kelly McCoy

No matter the client’s needs or issues, Kelly McCoy strives to give personal attention to each and every client—whether an individual, a mom-and-pop business, or a large company. We believe in client-first representation, which emphasizes direct interaction with, and service to, the client. This philosophy, coupled with experience, focus and value, gives Kelly McCoy a distinct advantage over many other law firms and lawyers.

Experience: With more than twenty years’ worth of combined practical experience in commercial litigation and bankruptcy, our attorneys have received hands-on experience, extensive training, and invaluable mentoring from some of the most well-respected and preeminent lawyers and law firms in Arizona.

Focus: Like any other business, law firms can suffer the adverse effects of a depressed or slow economy. As a result, many lawyers and law firms take cases in areas in which they have little or no experience. Kelly McCoy is different; we stick to what we know. Because Kelly McCoy concentrates on two primary areas of practice—commercial litigation and bankruptcy—we offer a wealth of focused knowledge and experience in those particular areas.

Value: At Kelly McCoy, we understand that legal representation can be expensive, which is why our rates are typically less than customary rates charged by other attorneys with similar experience and credentials. But, with Kelly McCoy, paying less does not mean our clients receive less. Having been trained by, and practiced law with, some of the best, we know that our obligation is to be the best possible adviser and advocate for our clients.

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